Laughter and Technologies of Disruption in Feminist Film and Media

October 16-17, 2015
Concordia University, Montréal (Canada)


HUMOROUS > DISRUPTIONS is dedicated to the polyvalent ways in which humour has functioned as a disruptive technology in feminist media theories and practices. Humour and its many manifestations—parody, satire, irony, and mimicry—have the potential to destabilize existing systems of representation, media production, and gender constructions. Humour can be used to forge new circuits of knowledge, as well as political and emotional solidarities. This colloquium therefore seeks to explore the diverse possibilities humour offers as a technology, representational practice, and tool for renewing dialogues with feminisms in all their manifestations today. This approach necessitates a critical recognition of productive multiplicities and the centrality of critical race studies, Global South and indigenous feminisms, feminism and class, and posthuman concerns.

HUMOROUS > DISRUPTIONS is organized in collaboration with Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies and the Department of Graduate Film Studies at Concordia University. Special thanks to ARTHEMIS, the Feminist Media Studio, the Global Emergent Media Lab, the Simone de Beauvoir InstituteTechnoculture, Art and Games (TAG), the Concordia University Alumni Association, the Concordia University Small Grants Program, the Cinema Studies Graduate Student Colloquium Series, the Film Studies Doctoral Studies Association (FSDSA), Dr. Gada Mahrouse (Simone de Beauvoir Institute), Dr. Luca Caminati (Associate Dean), and Dr. Thomas Waugh (Research Chair in Sexual Representation and Documentary) for their generous support.